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50_smutlets's Journal

50 Smutlets
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Here there be smut!!!

Rules of this community.

1) You must be at least 18 years of age to join. This is going by the legal system in the U.S.
2) By sending a request to join, you are certifying that you are AT LEAST EIGHTEEN years of age. Should I find out you're not, you get kicked from the group permanently. That means that even when you turn 18, you are not welcome here.
3) No flaming.
4) Any fandom is allowed. This includes RPS/RPF.

Please read the following rules before requesting a claim of your very own. Read it ALL.

Fics Written Must Be:
1) At least 400 words. No maximum.
2) Hard R to NC17 in rating. The community name is "50_Smutlets", after all.

Subject of Post Must Be:

Title - Fandom - Claim - Prompt
Example: One Night in the Woods - Doctor Who - Rose/Ten - Woods


1) You may take up to THREE claims.
2) Claims can be pure or crossover.
3) You may claim a pairing, a threesome, a group, or an entire fandom. Please note that claiming an entire fandom will NOT stop others from claiming subsections of that fandom. In addition, should you choose to claim an entire fandom, please be sure to write a variety of different things from it. Do not choose "Buffy" for instance, and then write nothing but Spuffy fics. Got it?

Prompts found HERE

Master Claim List/Stake a Claim - HERE